At 19:54 -0500 17.7.1999, Nik Taylor wrote:

>FFlores wrote:
>> Or worse, "read, read, read", or "lead, led, led".
>Ah, and spelling only makes it worse.  It can sometimes be impossible to
>tell whether /rid/ or /rEd/ is intended.  (Why, oh why, can't it be
>spelt "red"?)

Or at least "reade, read, read", to avoid confusion with the color term...

WRT Soopnerisms: One famous case is the announcer who called the then
Archbishop of Church of Sweden "Satan N=F6derblom" instead of "Natan
S=F6derblom".  Allegedly someone had joked with im about it just before.
That "n=F6der" looks like the plural of _n=F6d_ "urge (to urinate/defecate)
makes it even funnier to Swedes, but I hope the Satan/Natan thing is at
least appreciable to Anglics.

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