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>I don't mind making words.  I hate writing the grammar.  Probably because
>I really don't know how to construct a formal grammar.

I like doing that part. Even though i am in no way trained as a linguist
nor have i really studied formal grammars, i like making it up and seeing
if it works or not.

>I usually don't sit down and make roots, though.  I try to translate
>something and work backwards.  For instance, I come across, say, the word
>"impede."  Now, I know that in Latin that apparently comes from "sticking
>your foot into" a trap or hole -- something that would impede (doesn't
>matter how accurate I am, you see; I just look for a possible etymology to
>the juices flowing). What other ideas can I come up with that I can
>combine for "impede"?  How about "throwing rope"?  So I'll make up a word
>that's derived from the roots for "throw" and "rope."

Interesting. Well, i can only sit for so long while making up roots. If i
stay for too long my brain fries and i get all glassy eyed trying to think
of all of the synonyms for the roots :) LOL. Roots for me are borign but
making up the actual words themselves (derivations, compounds etc.)
because i see how my rules for deriving are working, and what the words
that will be used will look like (Like for plant, i really like how "hima"
looks). I dont think hard and deep about what idea will go with the root.
If i did that it would take me a year to get up to 300 roots. So, i look
for interesting roots and put down whatever word comes to my mind first
(or think of a word and scroll down the list for a root that fits).


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