Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> Well, I'd buy too - that reminds me - where can I find the most up to
> date version of Tokana? Is that the one at David's website?

The most up to date version of the Tokana grammar is, of course,
the one in my head.  But the *next* most up to date version is
probably the one on David's website.  There are some formatting
problems with that version (the fixed-width font examples came
out all screwy for some unknown reason), but otherwise it's
pretty legible, I think.

Unfortunately I won't have any time to update the form or
content of that website for a long time to come.  I start teaching
again in less than two weeks, and there's my dissertation to
finish.  What's worse, my old computer died with the HTML
files for the website trapped on its hard drive, and I haven't
figured out any way to retrieve them (can't even boot up the
computer without getting a whole string of error messages!!).

So until I can get the HTML files back, which may not be
for some time, there won't be any more web updates.  It's
a shame, too, since Tokana has undergone some important
structural changes over the last few weeks (the loss of all
prepositions and the introduction of the comitative case
is just the beginning).