OK, here's a description of my ideal for a vocabulary-generating

I can define a set of generation rules a la langmaker, wordgen, Chris
Pound's "werd," or whatever.

I can then input a list of meanings that I want to make words for.

For each one, I can click a button until I find a randomly generated
vocab item that seems to me to "fit" with the meaning of the word.  (I
can also just make up a word and write it in, of course.)  Then I move
on to the next item.  Eventually I have a long list of words, each of
which I have personally approved as appropriate for that meaning.

Anybody want to write this? :)

Actually, come to think of it, there's nothing sacred about doing it
with a fancy-pants point and click interface.  You could just as
easily make a perl script that takes as input a meaning list and a
werd-style (cf: ) vocabulary
generator.  Then it goes through the list one at a time, line by line,
and asks for your input, like this:

MEANING: cheese. WORD: mubbledibblemurk.  OK? Yes/No/Write
MEANING: cheese. WORD: smarglefrood. OK? Yes/No/Write
MEANING: cheese. WORD: snikplof. OK? Yes/No/Write
Write in:
MEANING: cheese. WORD: zazoom. OK? Yes/No/Write
MEANING: chocolate. WORD: frozzoboz.  OK? Yes/No/Write

Hey... *I* could almost write this.  A perl guru could probably write
it in five minutes.