On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Danny Wier wrote:

> Hey, I've been learning how to write/read Tamil script, and I'd like to know
> where on the net (or a book) I can learn the history of Grantha script, what
> the Tamil version of the Sanskrit letter "ks.a" (s. = s retroflex), and
> whether or not the script would be more correctly called a syllabry, an
> abjad, or something else.  (It seems pretty complex!)

All (and more) is revealed in Daniels:

 Daniels, Peter and William Bright (eds.). 1996. The world's writing systems. Oxford:
    Oxford University Press.

An on-line resource that _could_ be useful (but I'm not promising anything,
just giving the result of an altavista search);

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