Nik Taylor wrote:
> I tend to go with a prototype theory, that is, verbs are words that are
> treated like prototypical verbs.  A prototypical verb is an action with
> both a causer and an affected being (i.e., transitive verbs), other
> kinds of verbs are extensions of this, which explains why no languages
> use constructions like "I am the hitter of him", but some do use

        Isn't that the exact construction used in trigger languages, or am I
wrong in my understanding of them?

> constructions like "To me is the car" for "I have the car" (because
> "hit" is a prototypical verb, while "have" isn't)
> Prototypical nouns, on the other hand, are physical objects, while other
> nouns are an extension of that concept.
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