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>  ga has plenty to say of its own, but in this case
>  i feel it like a tag to switch from a "topic/comment" structure
>  into "whole/attribute" structure :
>  jan z'n kop
>  john's head
>  <<<<<<
> =20
>  I don't understand your examples, though I think the first is in Dutch?
it's Dutch and Alsacian and French :
"il me frappe la t=EAte" : he beats my/me to the head ("he beats me the head=

>  feels to me almost as if it's a "mirror image" of "wa" (ie "X wa Y" means
>  roughly "Y ga X").=20

yes. but "mirroring" does not always cast the
reversed image you expect. language is no
putting X first Y second cannot be "reversed"
by changing wa into ga.
difficult to explain, best experienced before (see bottom of

 This is based on very poor memory of reading the first
>  chapter or two of a TY book, so I'm probably way off.
> =20
you're not.
>  My "possible meaning" has actually grown a bit fuzzier.  I'll re-read you=
>  earlier post more carefully.  Several times.
> =20

don't. this would be wasting your time.