Danny Wier wrote:
> Hey, has this happened to anybody?
> I made up words for a theoretical conlang (just making up words at random),
> and came up with this once:
> I invented the word _kanzi_ for 'girl, young woman, maiden' -- and it turns
> out the word for 'unmarried woman' in Malayalam is _kan"n"i_ (n" = alveolar
> n).  Also, I came up with the expletive _chort_ "bloody hell, etc.", which
> happens to be the Russian word for 'devil'.  I also came up with _kane_
> 'dog' (compare Italian _cane_), but I think I was influenced on that one
> somewheres...
> This is just a few instances of some conincidences.  What would be a good
> word for this phenomenon?

        Maybe an interference of the collective conscience of humanity :), or a
manifestation of a psychic power of yours :). No, "deja verb" is already
a very good name for that phenomenon :).   Are you sure you didn't know
those words (except for 'cane') before ? Because in that case it would
be simply an inconscious influence. If not, maybe you're psychic gifted
:) .

> Danny
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