as you may know, I am currently in the Netherlands, country of
Boudewijn and Irina Rempt, and they invited me last weekend to their

        Firstly, I must say that Boudewijn and Irina are very kind people, and
that their house in impressive, with so many books everywhere! Your
bookcases are really impressive!

        As for the conlanging-related material we discussed about, I for the
first time heard spoken Denden and Valdyan (no, I don't have a computer
with sounding facilities, and thus I couldn't hear the samples available
in the webpage). We also discussed of the Sky People, the conculture I'm
slowly discovering, and their complex family system, and many other

        Finally, Boudewijn kindly created a font for my language Notya, font
that is available at It is not
perfect, but at least it exists and works already pretty well (and I was
impressed by the speed at which Boudewijn created it), and it will
oblige me to add Notya on my homepage as soon as I am back in France :)

        This meeting was very good. Invite me as much as you want :) !

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