Nik Taylor wrote:

> Irina Rempt-Drijfhout wrote:
> > Ach y fi indeed. Interestingly, when I tried it on myself (almost
> > bilingual) I came up with "Charlie and I went" but "me and Charlie
> > went".
> That's how I'd say it too, altho "Charlie and I went" is a bit less
> "natural-sounding" than "Me and Charlie went".

(Jumping into the middle of things here...)

I dunno... I don't feel any particular change of "naturalness" between
the two usages; it's certainly nowhere near as unnatural as using
"whom".   For me, at least, it's purely a matter of register, and only
fairly low registers allow the second construction that you mention.

(But if you're going to talk about naturalness:  saying "I and Charlie"
is practically ungrammatical, while "Chalie and me went..." is actually
slightly less natural sounding to me than "Me and Charlie")

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