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I have to say/ask two more things:

1) What is "navelistic"?  My best guesses are "produced by someone new to the
list" or possibly "produced in the style of one who is involved with matters
nautical", though it's probably neither :-)  Suggestion number 3 is "produced by
one who 'contemplates their navel' over-much"...

2) I have never studied an inuktitut grammar, although I feel someone may have
posted examples from one somewhen.

Oh, and my paranoid evil twin suggests that the term "introspected" used rather
than "studied" could be an insult, regardless of how very true it is :-)

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Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 13/09/99 19:47:44  , Paul a =E9crit :

>  Please post any and all comments, especially as regards my horrendou=
s and
>  probably inconsistent terminology.

i feel like you captured the essential concepts of speech (essential
aspects, attributive links, discourse markers, etc.). detailing "usual =
from "item one produces" etc. shows you have earnestly introspected
the most important features of language for a long time with humble hea=
beyond conventional and sterile categories. it is no common navelistic
but a very wise and admirably structured conlang.
BTW did you ever read an inuktitut grammar ?