> May I tentatively suggest the weekend of the 16-17 of October (to give
Lars time
> to settle in :-)  Thusfar it seems as though attendees are Central London,
> Milton Keynes and Reading.  To me, in terms of travelling, somewhere in
> does seem fairly favourite for all concerned.  Fabian's probably in a
> position than anyone to suggest a location in more detail.

Hmm. Thrust once more into the role of Party Chairman :]

Last time, the meeting point was  the top of the stairs that lead from the
underground portion of Euston station. From there, we basically planned what
to do next on an impromptu basis. There is a nice pub just outside the
station, although there probably are nicer ones in walking distance.

Nice here meaning well-furnished with decent sized tables, should we decide
to illustrate our conlangs with copious files handwritten in nearly
illegible scrawl.

Anyone know if the Jesus statue is still up at Trafalgar Square?

That to me sounds like enough of a plan to be going on with for now.

Likely names to be present so far are as follows. If I missed anyone, or
added anyone I shouldn't, can you reply to the list, marking the appropriate
changes please?

Fabian (myself)
Lars Mathiesen
Paul Bennett