(au "Ei!" ka'uhmzoi-guvdhab ta'Rokbeigalmki)

amazingly, when i finally got my email working after coming here to
Binghamton University (SUNY), i only had around 250 emails backed
up...but i think that's 'cause i got set nomail automatically or
something....not sure...
Well, so i'm back too, and so is Rokbeigalmki, so....have i been missing

I also have another email address, but it's an annoying number-series
that the college gave me, so i try to avoid using it.  This new version
of Juno seems to accept "=E1=E7=E7=E8=F1=86=EB=F0" and other 'special' ch=
aracters well
coming from Conlang, unlike my old version which gave me annoying hex
codes or something.

Unfortunately, my old email program and my data files (including
Rokbeigalmki) are all locked up in my unworking computer (this is my
roommate's laptop) so they'll be hard to get to.

-Stephen (Steg)
 "...vehe3avar ayin, vehe3atid 3adayin, vehahoveh keheref 3ayin -
  da2agah minayin?"

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