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>I need a name for her. Could be in any language, natural or

In Tagalog, the word for cat is 'pusa' (With a glottal stop on the 'a').

in Tilon Nevo it is 'chaho'.

Some names that i might (key word there) name a cat like yours, and I have
heard are:: 'Zomuyemo' - Day and night, 'Tikuro' - trickster,
'Tononchaho' - wildcat (or just 'Tonon' - wild), 'Chahito' - little cat,
kitty (almost too cute),
'Tsiron' - beauty (a friend named her cat that. In English of course!),
'Yuho' - light, 'Tsatsito' - little foot or 'paws'.

Anyway, that's what I can think of.