>I know this is rather off-topic, but please bear with me.
>I think I have a new cat!

[snipped rest of posts]

Congratulations!  I just adopted a stray Siamese female a few weeks ago, =
she's changed things around my prison cell I mean apartment.  Her given n=
is Samantha, which I kept, but I got a few nicknames for her, including s=
from Tech (which I mentioned in a previous post).

I like Taikoo myself, since it has that double meaning and isn't too long=
. =20
Other suggestions: Persian has _gorbeh_ 'cat'; too bad she's not a Persia=
n. =20
The Hungarian name B=E9la I had in mind for my all-white male I had in=20
1990-91, but I ended up with Boris.  Another Persian name, _golabi_, mean=
'pink' (from _golab_ 'rose'; the Urdu equivalent is _gulab_).  If your ca=
was an Abyssinian or a Somali, I'd suggest Candace (the title of the quee=
of Cush/Ethiopia in ancient times).  Speaking of, what is that title in=20
Amharic given to the kings of Ethiopia that translates to 'lion of Judah'=

One more -- Chandra, not only the name of a space telescope, but the=20
Sanskrit name for 'moon'.

Good luck!  DW

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