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> Eric Christopherson wrote:
> >
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> > <Taiko> also refers to that really cool Japanese drumming, and another
> > meaning is 'raccoon,' one of my favorite animals :O)
> Did you mean "tanuki" for the raccoon-like animal? The tanuki is not the
> raccoon we know in North America, and it also shows some resemblence to
> the badger. I haven't tracked down the Latin name for the species yet.

No, actually I learned somewhere that <taiko> means an actual raccoon (or
maybe red panda?) <Tanuki> is called by the confusing name "raccoon dog" in
English; it is a canine but it's not a dog which hunts raccoons, which would
be a coon hound. Anyway, I had a raccoon for a while and named her Tanuki
even though she is a real raccoon. At the time I had forgotten about the
word <taiko>.

> In Japanese legend it is yet another shape-shifter animal. The Japanese
> animated film "Pompoko" (or maybe "Ponpoko") features tanuki. For most
> of the film they are drawn anthropomorphically, but in some scenes they
> are drawn very naturalistically. Their faces resembled those of racoons,
> but their body shape and gait looked more like badgers.

I'd like to see that :)

> And I agree that the taiko drumming is Way Cool. I've never been much of
> a music fan, but I really respond to taiko drumming.

It is very intense; the kind of music whose rhythm seems to course through
your whole body when you hear it. Totemo sugoi :)