Sylvia Sotomayor wrote:
> I feel so creative. :-) My cat is named 'Kitten', even though she's 8 years
> old. She's the offspring of my friend's cat 'Mama Cat'. However, my
> godson's new kitten is called 'Groucho Marx' from a supposed resemblance,
> or 'Grouchito'.

Cool, my brother's cat has that nickname, among others.  His real name
is Freckle - NOT FreckleS :-) , but he's also known as:
Don Frecklini
Mr. Freckle (we do that with all the cats, a sort of pseudo-honorific
   - Southern dialect uses Mr./Mrs./Ms. + first name as a polite form,
   especially by children to adults)
The Statue (sometimes he'll stand so straight that he looks like a
   statue, we joke that he's a very realistic statue)
One-Eyed Jack (he has two eyes, but if you rub one, it'll stay closed
   for a while)

Strangely, the other cats never had any nicknames, other then
shortenings (Mil for the late Milky, Gin/Gingin for Ginger, also
Ginger-Binger, and Olly/Ol for the late Oliver - well, he also had

In addition, he and his sisters (well, sister now, the other one died)
are called collectively "the Kids", even tho they're 13 years old.  We
used to have an older cat, who's since died from old age, and so they
were the kids in comparison to him.

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