On Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Terrence Donnelly wrote:

> Several months ago, someone on this list mentioned Marmite.
> It sounded interesting and I've been trying to find it ever
> since.  I finally did, and - wow!  What a foodstuff!  I've
> finished half the jar in 3 days.  It joins hot mango pickle
> and sauerkraut juice in my list of favorite foods that my
> family flees from.

Yum.  I'm not quite as mad for it as you obviously are!

> To relate this to conlanging (or manybe conculturing), do
> any of you have similar food items in your invented speaking
> communities, i.e., foods whose origin or method of production
> cause jaws to drop but which taste wonderful?  The Kadane
> (who speak my conlang Vogu) are pretty boring in this regard,
> I guess, because nothing comes to mind.  I'll have to explore
> this area more deeply.

I don't think Andrew ever informed us what the Brithenig word for Marmite
is... (hint!)

Folk in some parts of Kemr smother their kes tostu (toasted cheese) with a
rather strident vinegar and salt concoction.  Marmite is most likely
consumed there, as well as curry and chips.  I actually got brave enough
to make a little of the vinnegar sauce once.  Coo-ee!, as the Cajun Chef
says - makes the eyes water and the tongue cry out for mercy.  And that
was before I actually got it in my mouth.


> -- Terry