John Cowan wrote:
> Thomas R. Wier scripsit:
> > Well, "dive", yes, but I think that's been around (in North America,
> > at any rate) for a while now.  "Shit", on the other hand, I practically
> > never hear as a verb -- as an expletive or a noun, certainly, but
> > normally some other verb has to be supplied in its stead.

LOL!  I suppose...

> "[J]ust when it looked like the forces of scientific rationality were
> about to take over, we've all been shat on by a stinking torrent
> of tabloid mysticism."
>         --Charlie Higson

Do you have a book of famous quotations, John, or do you just draw these
bon mots out of your head?  I have never been able to do that.  But then
I have a wretched system of cerebral retrieval.

Crude, rude girl that I am, Tom, I use "shit" as a verb all the time,
and as a strong verb, too.  In a select audience, of course.  Piss,
however, is definitely a weak verb.
> > And what's the new strong form of "twig"?
> "Twug".
> > (And how often do people
> > this side of the Atlantic use the word in the first place?)
> Rarely, if ever.

What does it mean again?  bad memory, as I said...
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