> Several months ago, someone on this list mentioned Marmite.
> It sounded interesting and I've been trying to find it ever
> since.  I finally did, and - wow!  What a foodstuff!  I've
> finished half the jar in 3 days.  It joins hot mango pickle
> and sauerkraut juice in my list of favorite foods that my
> family flees from.
> To relate this to conlanging (or manybe conculturing), do
> any of you have similar food items in your invented speaking
> communities...

Well, some real world examples:

Malta has:

orzata(sp?) - You know the concentrated orange juice that you just add water
to to make a supposedly orange flavoured drink? We have an almond-flavoured

Pastizzi - crepe pastry with a choice of peas, fish, or ricotta cheese

Kinnie - bitter orange flavoured fizzy drink. This stuff outsells Cola based
drinks. Malta and Scotland are the only two countries in the world where
Cola is not the biggest selling fizzy drink.

May this missive repay the kindness of my patrons.
May it mitigate the sufferings of the lost and the damned.
May all that read it find their hearts turned towards Truth and Honour.
and in so doing, repay me for the ardours of my labour.