Raymond A. Brown wrote:
> At 11:50 pm -0300 2/10/99, FFlores wrote:
> .......
> >
> >Oh, Argentina just lost the first match (to the Wales team, so that's
> >not a terrible thing). Not that I care much about it. I think our Pumas
> >are quite good internationally speaking, but they can't do anything
> >against the Wales or New Zealand teams...
> But they might, they just might.
> The pumas played well against Wales & the winning margin was not much.
> It's quite a possibility that the Pumas as well as the Welsh dragons will
> get through the qualifying rounds  :)

        How do the French team behave for the moment? I know that after the
Mondial, they would like to behave as well :) .

> Ray.

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