Thank you all for your help. Now I know that the sound I pronounce is
definitely an uvular fricative, and that's the sound I want to used for
Chasma"o"cho (yes, I definitely find the uvular trill old-fashioned :)
). Too bad, I wanted all the fricatives in this language to behave the
same, but I can't put the uvular fricative with them. For purpose of
permitted consonnant clusters, I must put the uvular fricative along
with the /l/ and the /j/, whereas the other fricatives I use (/s/, /T/,
/P/ and their voiced counterparts) must belong to another group (the
reason is simple: in the morphology of Chasma"o"cho, all consonnants in
consonnant clusters must be of the same voicing, but /R/, along with
/l/, /j/, /m/ and /n/ are considered neutral in that respect and can
appear in voiced clusters as well as unvoiced clusters).

        But thanks again, there's nothing better than a foreign point of view
to understand one's own language better :) .

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