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> > >         Strange... How did they make their ordinal numbers before t=
> > > "borrowing", does anyone know?
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> > They might not have needed it.  From what I understand, large ordinal=
> > are a feature of high civilizations.  (Cardinals are needed pretty
> > quickly.)
>         Now that I think of it, isn't that Spanish that uses ordinals o=
> 1 to 10, and doesn't use the other ordinals whereas it possesses them?

In normal real life situation: yes.

Even more, many people get confuse between ordinal words and words defini=
parts of units, then is common to say "el quinceavo" instead of the corre=
"el d=E9cimo quinto" (from 4 to 10 they are the same).

Some of the correct ordinals in Spanish are:
  11=BA und=E9cimo (alt: d=E9cimo primero)
  12=BA duod=E9cimo (alt. d=E9cimo segundo)
  13=BA d=E9cimo tercero
  14=BA d=E9cimo cuarto
  15=BA d=E9cimo quinto
  16=BA d=E9cimo sexto
  17=BA d=E9cimo s=E9ptimo
  18=BA d=E9cimo octavo
  19=BA d=E9cimo noveno
  20=BA vig=E9simo (card: veinte)
  21=BA vig=E9simo primero
  30=BA trig=E9simo (card: treinta)
  40=BA cuadrag=E9simo (card: cuarenta)
  50=BA quincuag=E9simo (card: cincuenta)
  60=BA sexag=E9simo (card: sesenta)
  70=BA septuag=E9simo (card: setenta)
  80=BA octuag=E9simo (card: ochenta)
  90=BA nonag=E9simo (card: noventa)
 100=BA cent=E9simo (card: cien(to))
1000=BA mil=E9simo (card: mil)

and don't ask me how you say 110th but "cent=E9simo d=E9cimo" is not.  No=
surprising the more regular fractional ending -avo is taking over.

But when are these ordinals used:
Date of the month: use "primero" (1st) and then the cardinals.
Number of streets: use from "primera" to "d=E9cima" (10th) and then the
Names of monarchs: use from "primero" to "d=E9cimo" and then the cardinal=
School years: from "primero" to "und=E9cimo" (11 years in Colombia), but =
is usually called "once" (cardinal).
Event version: use from "primero" to "d=E9cimo" and then do as you please=
you are a news reader in TV chose the worse alternative: use the cardinal=

An old popular song from Colombia is called "Festival de Guarar=E9" and t=
chorus say "d=E9cimo quinto festival en Guarar=E9".

-- Carlos Th