Oh yes, the punctuation is actually hopeless with a pen or
likely even with a pencil.  It was made that way for artistic
purposes, and only in the DOS font version.  The punctuation,
that is "!", "?", and "." are in actuality much more sensible...
or, to tell You the truth, I do not remember it.  But it was
managable enough.  I have written pages and pages in this
script within the past two years.

How did You like the numbers?  Did You figure out how
they work?  A decimal-based, cleared-up, roman-style

Can anyone tell me what the article I included is about?
Without cheating, of course!  And just to give You a
little help, there are no accents in the languages.  The
dots and lines are an intrinsic part of the letter they
appear with.

At some point I had the Ejiin script expanded to be
useful for writing Hungarian, which has 40 something
letters.  Anyone with font-creation abilities out there
who would care to collaborate to create a .TTF out
of Ejiin?

                Roland H=F6nsch

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> On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Roland Hoensch wrote:
> > Was my post about my Ejiin script recieved?  Did anyone have trouble
> > running the program?  I am quite anxious for comments!
> I liked the script.  The punctuation seems like it might be a little
> difficult to do with a pen, but looks cool.
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