> > Fabian wrote:
> > > Maltese drops the first stop and doubles the second, so you get words
> like
> > > 'progett' for 'project'.
> >
> > How can you have a geminate stop in word-final position?
> I would assume you would attach the second stop to the next word... BTW,
> does that Maltese tendency come from Italian, Fabian? I know Italian
> regularly reduces <ct> to <tt>.

I think so. Arabic follows an entirely different model. A couple of other
indicators of Italian influence are certain word endings:


I dont actually *know* this one though - I still researching Maltese, and
new gems appear all the time. The Maltese are certainly capable of
pronouncing /kt/ or similar geminates, as seen in the adjective big - kbir.

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