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Well, here's my suggestions:
my suggestion = sound (your values)

p = p  (P, p)
t = t  (T, t)
k = k  (K, k)
b = b  (B, b)
d = d  (D, d)
g = g  (G, g)
m = m  (M, m)
n = n  (N, n)
v = v  (V, v)
f = f  (F, f)
th = English th (Theta, theta)
   Another possibility is Q
s = s (S, s)
sh = /S/ (Z, z)
   Or you could use s^ or x
h = h (C^, c^)
v = v (V, v)
z = z (S^, s^)
zh = zh (J^, j^) - incidentally, "beige" is one example of a word
   with this sound
   Another possibility is z^, or you might use j
w = w (Y^, y^)
y = /j/ (Y, y)
r = r (H, h)
l = l (L, l)
c = ch (C, c)
j = English j (J, j)
   If you used j for "zh", then you could use "dj" for this

Some of your descriptions were a little puzzling to me, for instance, I
use the same vowel for "Ocular" as "cause", and what vowel do you use
for "air"?  For me it's /I/, the sound in "Igloo", others use /E/, the
same as your sigma/epsilon.

A" = your AE, ae
A = your W, w
A^ = your I, i
A` = your Phi, mu (m')
E = your E, e
E` = your Sigma, epsilon
I = your Lambda, lambda
I` = your Gamma, r
O = your O, o
O` = your A, a (assuming that it represents /O/)
U = your U, u
U` = your Delta, pi

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