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Larry Schelin wrote:
>     becomes thuda-

This sounds like a verb.

>     group of:                    (plurals never added)
>                2 iarah-
>                3 iatha-
>                4 iavah-
>                5 or more iaghah-

Groovy, I've never thought of making different affixes for different
*size* groups.

> plurals:
>             general (not specific) gwavi-
>             2    jah-
>             3    thah-
>             4    vah-
>       5 or more ghah-

Hmm, that's rather unusual, having a plural affix meaning "more than
one", PLUS other non-singular numbers.  Are there any natural languages
that have dual, trial, "tetral" and plura?

>   less than     -'ighu
>   greater than      -'ura

How are these used?  Is it something like "old the man-greater.than" for
"older than the man"?

>   red     -ingew

Colors are infixes?

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