On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, Daniel Andreasson wrote:

> Amanda Babcock wrote:
> > I'm trying to decide which language to send my sentence in. Which sounds
> > the best?
> > dage tageaty d'esop'n neam
> > toma ilom delye teryek arya
> > nonbitandelenadezanan tanlikinekame
> Well, looking only at the phonology, I'd say the middle one.
> But that's only because I really really like the {ly} and
> {ry} combinations. (And {ty}, {ny} and {hy} as well). I have
> a phonology fixation (I wonder how Freud would explain that :)
> The middle one looks and sounds so nice.

That's funny, considering that I liked it the best EXCEPT for the
phonology :)  Only because in this example "delye teryek arya" sounded too
repetitious to me, especially since every word in the example sentence is
accented on the first syllable (it's the dominant stress pattern in this
language) and it was very sing-songy.  However, if others like the
phonology, that removes my only reservation about using it.

But I'm glad you like it.  I think I'll use it because it is the
best-developed grammatically.  The first one is too personal, and too much
a gloss of English to boot, and the third one is really only a sketch.
(Though if you're curious about how I was going to make it noun-less, it
was by using certain verb phrases in place of nouns;
"nonbitandelenadezana" is a phrase meaning
"", or that which is
spoken by you, in other words "your language" - missing the implication of
creatorship, unfortunately.)

> Is there a website where one might check these conlangs out,
> or do you mind sending some info to the list?

I should build a website!  They are not the most spectacular conlangs in
the world, though.