Well first off...  Fantastique job on the graphix for the T-shirt Gals und=20

i just barely checked in on my e-mail, and found myself a very large pile,=20
and if i seem a little excited, well i am.   on Halloween Night (Samhain) my=
long awaited daughter Eive Alyse Larsen was born!!!!  she was born at 17:52=20
hrs, 6 lbs. 7 oz. 19 inches long.   awe-filled bows and homage to any of you=
ladies out there with children, i can't believe how you do it!   my wife and=
i decided long ago to deliver naturally (no epidural) with our next child,=20
and by G*d's grace she was able to pull it off.

also on that night i began work on a new language  ilh=F2ret.  it has a=20
non-fixed word order with affixes for subject, object, verb etc... and some=20
other (modals?) not realy much else on it though... it's still very=20

so a big cigar for all you guys!

oel oushean!


To me, boxing is like a ballet,
except there is no music, no choreography,
and the dancers hit each other.
-Jack Handey