On Tue, 2 Nov 1999 17:32:04 +0000 Paul Bennett <[log in to unmask]>
> INFP, Male, Straight (or at least willing to "do it" with women),
> Right-handed,
> Dark-haired (without Facial Hair), in their early 20s, and involved
> in the
> Education system in some way, either as torturer or victim.
> For the curious, tonights lucky winner of "Most likely to be a
> conlanger" is...
> Steg Belsky
> Well done, Steg! <G>

Thanks, i think  :-) .  But i've got facial hair (an entire beard, in
fact)....just because it's more than a few shades lighter than my
top-of-head hair doesn't mean that it doesn't count!
Maybe you were using the old data - last time we did this i hadn't moved
away to college yet and my parents still had a say in what i do to my
face :-)} .

-Stephen (Steg), who joined his first real RPG game (AD&D) this past
sunday, and named his character Urga:mn, the Rokbeigalmki name of his
first ElendorMUSH char, Elnar.
 "why'd you want to be a cleric?  you're always just cleaning up after
everyone else's fights!"  - paraphrased, someone to Doria, _The Sleeping
Dragon_ by Joel Rosenberg, i think.

> There's some correlation and other stats on the way, suffice for now
> to say for
> now that if you're gay, you've likely got a Goatee, and if you're
> female you're
> likely to be bi.
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