Steg... you are a riot!  Ha ha ha !  I'm fonder of some
other orthographies than of mine, as well.  I have to say
that Bitha is really one of the most original!

The Teonaht was hand-written, and I'd like to see what
it looks like in a font, like Valdyan, for instance.

There is nothing wrong with your conscript, Steg.  I
like it.  But you are so up front it kills me!


Steg Belsky wrote:
> Hrrrmph....
> how come everybody else's conscripts look better than mine?
> maybe a handwritten version would work better....does anyone have a
> program that can open a PSD file and then re-save it as a GIF?
> or maybe i've just got an ugly language.  bleah.
> should i just use the cyrillic transliteration instead?  (it's better
> than the latin and hebrew ones)
> -Stephen (Steg)
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