My email server at college is down and I've just spended the last hours=20
updating my self on eGroups... I'm moving today to a new apartment but my=
cable ISP will move the line by friday... anyhow I have quite a little jo=
to do so this becomes an all purpose answer.

On the T-shirt, my vote is for minimal use of IALs and natlangs.  I would=
vote for just Esperanto and any other conIAL, probably Interlingua.  No=20
Spanish.  Anyhow I would say "tu idioma aqu=ED" or "coloca tu idioma aqu=ED=
" or=20
probably better "sea aqu=ED tu propio idioma"...

Still imagining how to get that T-shirt if ever.  I guess mailing it here=
will coast even more than the t-shirt itself... my mummy will be at=20
Frankfurt av Main Itnl Airport for one hour on November 12... it is the=20
closer I can soon get to London but then she would have to find a way to=20
send the t-shirt from Yokohama...

Yes, things are changing in my life, my parents will be in Japan for two=20
years (my father is already there, he flied last week), I'll be moving wi=
my syster to a smaller apartament.  I'll soon stop being a student to bec=
eihter an employed or an unemployed... if I ever finnish my thesis on=20
phoneme recognition.

Reverse relay?  I don't think I have enogh material for anyone to compose=
either Chleweyish or Hangkerimce yet... and no time to make it before I=20
finnish college.

Empanadas?  I love them and Criollos better have brought them into Hangke=
or I will have problems addapting to my conculture.  I don't know about m=
other favorite dishes... Hamburguesa (any but McDonalds), Churrasco, Lasa=
Bandeja Paisa and Ajiaco (of those only one is Bogotan).

Changing PDS into GIF? have you a way to show your PDS on screen on an=20
Windows machine? If so, press Print Screen button, open Paint and then=20
Ctrl-V.  Edit as needed and then find a way to convert from BMP into GIF=20
(Win98 Paint can do it).

And I've realy liked many of the scripts out there.  They are lovely.

Congratulations to Iisem's newborn doughter and language.

Just in case I don't think I manage to be on the Netherlands by November =
this year.

-- Carlos Th
(one of the 30000000 Colombians who spend the halloween afternoon sufferi=
250 loops in Fontana.  Long life to the Champion and a requiem for Greg=20
Moore, may his soul race beside Gouchi Rodriguez and Airton Sena).

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