* Steg Belsky ([log in to unmask]) [991103 03:21]:
> Hrrrmph....
> how come everybody else's conscripts look better than mine?

Heh, feel the same thing. What's worse, my <i>s and <b>s insist on
changing shape in the native script now, and the pronouns are... too bad
"revolting" haven't kept all the meanings from "revolt", it would have
been a perfect term to describe what my pronouns are (doing!)

> or maybe i've just got an ugly language.  bleah.

Yup. Ditto. Join me in the "Dissatisfied Conlangers Club", willya? Or
maybe: "Makers of Ugly Conlangs Club" (Hmm change the last C to a K
maybe...) I need to get breakfast b'fore creativity -really- kicks in...

Too late.
Depressed Conlangers Club? Conlangers With Too Little Attitude?
Conlangers with Ugly Scripts? Conlangers with Minority Complexes?
*argh* food!

CWTLA, hmm can it pass for a klingon word?

Spot the garbled showtune!
My headache keeps stomping through my brain