taliesin the storyteller wrote:

> Yup. Ditto. Join me in the "Dissatisfied Conlangers Club", willya? Or
> maybe: "Makers of Ugly Conlangs Club" (Hmm change the last C to a K
> maybe...) I need to get breakfast b'fore creativity -really- kicks in...

How about "MHMAKHERES OF UGHLZY KHONHLZANGHS KLZUBB" (capitals are mandatory)
or "MUKK" for short.

MH = vls labial nasal, KH = vls velar fricative, GH = voiced velar fricative,
LZ = vls lateral fricative, NH = vls alveolar nasal, NGH = vls velar nasal.

> CWTLA, hmm can it pass for a klingon word?

Klingon actually has very few consonant clusters, really only rgh, w', y',
and then only syllable-final.  Things like "tlh" (aspirated lateral
fricative) are single consonants.


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