Ok.  I'm getting on with making an IPA font based on Times Roman, having already
made the glyphs for Times Roman Bold.

How should I proceed?

1) Map the glyphs to 1-byte "typeable" characters so everyone and his dog can
access them (this is what I've done with a coupla dozen chars for testing
purposes so far)

2) Make several fonts, one for each "high-byte" value (ie "Unicode Page 00",
"Unicode Page 01", "Unicode Page 02" etc)  This is probably the "techies only"

3) Make one monolithic font covering all IPA characters in the range 0080 to
036F, actually assigned to this range.

Which of the above options do we all want?  Option 3 is my favorite, but may be
only partly doable, as I can only have around 600 or so glyphs per typeface, and
it's a 751 glyph range in total.  Obviously not all of the above are actually in
the IPA, so that makes it a bit smaller.  More research (literally) is


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