Paul Bennet wrote:

>Ok.  I'm getting on with making an IPA font based on Times Roman, =
having already
>made the glyphs for Times Roman Bold.
>How should I proceed?
>1) Map the glyphs to 1-byte "typeable" characters so everyone and his =
dog can
>access them (this is what I've done with a coupla dozen chars for =
>purposes so far)
>2) Make several fonts, one for each "high-byte" value (ie "Unicode Page =
>"Unicode Page 01", "Unicode Page 02" etc)  This is probably the =
"techies only"
>3) Make one monolithic font covering all IPA characters in the range =
0080 to
>036F, actually assigned to this range.
>Which of the above options do we all want?


If you ask me, I'd say the third option. I'm not too fond of having to=20
change fonts all the time when writing a document, so option number two=20
won't do for me.

-kristian- 8)