Paul Bennett <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> As a comprimise, can I suggest (from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, based solely
> on the examples on the website) that the following auxlangs remain inviolate:
[snipped list of auxlangs]

I think no more than three auxlangs should be present, since the main
idea of having non-artlangs in the t-shirt is to show off some scripts
and very recognizable words. That's why we are including English and
French, but not Spanish (since two known langs with latin scripts are
enough), and we're even leaving out other ones like Georgian, Armenian,
or Thai. The main goal of the t-shirt is to show our languages, and
most of them (if not all) are more natlang-like than auxlang-like.

I apologize if someone gets hurt in their auxlanging feelings; I know
perfectly that these things can start (and have started) flame wars
in the past, though luckily not in this list. But if I'm entitled to
an opinion, this is it. If we're going to argue endlessly about which
auxlangs to put on the shirt, let's better leave them off completely,
since they don't *represent* us as artlangers, and putting them in
just as accesories or 'visual catches' seems both insulting to auxlangers
and pointless for us (besides reducing the available room).

--Pablo Flores