Look, Padraic,
As artlangs go, I thing Solresol is a beautiful
language... Volapuk, despite the name is
quite nice for my  taste-lang-buds... also
Neo (Arturo Alfandari's) is simple and
beautiful... these are major works of art
But... I see your point...Sooooo, I'm
hereby declaring myself a Volapuk
Resurrectionist and a Solresol revivalist
and submiting these two as proxy for
their original authors... soooo let's see
how silly is this going to get...

Just do me a favor... humor the auxlangs
there's not that many... just include these
four Volapuk, Esperanto, Interlingua, and Solresol.
and I'm happy... no more gruff from me...
I'm even willing to sacrifice Ekspreso...
But for this... some of you antiaux-artlangers
better come up with goodies to fill the void. ;-)
So how about it?

Jay B.

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>On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, FFlores wrote:
>>The main goal of the t-shirt is to show our languages, and
>>most of them (if not all) are more natlang-like than auxlang-like.
>>I apologize if someone gets hurt in their auxlanging feelings; I know
>No need to apologise at all.  If Auxlang wants to put together a
>similar T shirt with all the languages they discuss and deal with,
>they are more than welcome to it.  I am sure Fabian would gladly
>advise any Auxlang T shirt coordinator. Although auxlangs are a subset
>of conlanging, we (mostly artlangers) needn't feel particularly
>obliged to put auxlangs on the shirt (especially if they are not our
>own works), neither need we feel guilty over not wanting auxlangs on
>the shirts.  If there is a member of this list who is currently
>constructing an auxilliary language and wants his language on the
>shirt, there is also no reason to deny his entry.
>>--Pablo Flores