Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Steg Belsky wrote:
> > how come everybody else's conscripts look better than mine?
> > maybe a handwritten version would work better....does anyone have a
> > program that can open a PSD file and then re-save it as a GIF?
> >
> I think a lot of people have that feeling - I know I do. Ever since I
> saw Iisem's script I've been thinking of scrapping the Denden Chancery
> script. Besides, it looks so spidery, compared to the other offerings,
> which are often bold and strong.
> > or maybe i've just got an ugly language.  bleah.
> > should i just use the cyrillic transliteration instead?  (it's better
> > than the latin and hebrew ones)
> Yours is that script that looks like a constellation of circles, isn't
> it? That was one that really stood out.

    That one was mine, actually... It seems like it was liked by a lot of
people. Actually, it was the second choice of a script, I had originally
made a simpler alphabetic vertical script (more or less) that I couldn't
get to look right on the screen. The circle idea was at one point
completely regular, so it could be used in any language. There were slashes
on the lines from the main circle describing how far back in the mouth the
sound is produced, and a symbol for stop, fricitave, approximate, etc.

On a completly diffrent topic, my brain went a little wacky the other day,
and the idea of a language where the verb changes position to determine the
tense occured to me. I've been working on it, but what I want to know is,
does any other language (natural or artifical) do this, or have I started
something completly wierd? Does it seem like a reasonable idea? I'll post
details when I have a little more worked out...