Dans un courrier dat? du 04/11/99 02:06:47  , Pablo a ?crit :

> > The problem is that we don't know the pronoun "your" in Sindarin. It is
>  > sleeping uselessly in the papers the Elfconners may or may not publish at
>  > some point during the next fifty years.

why don't they publish these papers ? this is very strange.
do they wait till the movie comes out to make money ?

Nobody knows their reasons, and none dare question them.  They are the true
inheritors of the Tolkien, and beyond the will of mere humans.  Theirs is the
divine duty to keep the sacred writings safe from the prying minds of us lesser
ones.  They are, in short, a shady and mysterious cabal to whom "freedom of
information" means "between themselves".

Bitter?  Me?  I'm not even that big into JRRT and they really sting.  Were I a
true fan, I'd buy a gun.

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