>  Speaking as a relatively long-time CONLANG and AUXLANG person,
>  I'll propose that all those troublesome auxlangs be represented
>  by Ekspreso instead, which is a true conlang by a CONLANG member.
>  Anyway, once you've seen one euroclone, you've seen them all.
>  Or else you gotta have my favorite, Occidental, instead of ...

which auxlangs do conlang people want on the T-shirt ?
personally i'd prefer volap?k and solresol only.
but if some conlang people created an auxlang,
then i guess it would be fair it should appear too.


Auxlangs, feh!

However, if we have natlangs purely to catch peoples attention, then as a
minimum we ought to have the two above, plus E-o, as afaik it is the auxlang
best known to the public, regardless of any other merits (or lack of).

Glosa is also good (though less so), as any fule who has left highschool (the
"nice" way) can get the gist of it with very little bother.


Humor (and related concepts) NOT marked.

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