Hello all.

I've spoken to Pia and she has come up with
the following suggestion of the phrase in Arabic:

"lug^atuka yumkinu an takuuna maktubatan hunaa"

/loG&tu'k& 'jOmkInU &n t&'ku:n& m&k'tu:bat&n 'hOn&:/

{g^} /G/ is supposed to be g with a turned circumflex,
or something like a voiced velar fricative.
' is stress.

double vowels should really be a vowel with a macron
above it, that is, they are long vowels.

An interlinear:

lug^a-t-u-ka              yumkinu
language-FEM-NOM-2sg:MASC maybe/is possible to

an        takuun-a        maktuuba-tan           hunaa

'Your language is possible to be written here'

SUBJ.PART =3D subjective particle
PASS.PCP =3D passive participle

Any Arabic speaking people that object?

Pia has caught a really bad cold so I can't see her,
but she promised to make a gif and give it to me on
monday when she's hopefully better, if it's not too late then.

/ Daniel Andreasson