John Cowan>>>>>>
Paul Bennett wrote:

> A very good idea.  A very, very good idea.  If the listowner is watching, may
> actually seriously suggest a paradigm shift along these lines.  One list each
> for the auxers and the arters to discus eachothers langs, plus a list for
> discussing the "general principles" of conlanging and any really heavy "tech"
> and "theory" threads.

I profoundly disagree.  Unity is important to me, and that means that all
(I use the term in the broadest sense) should be represented here.  The AUXLANG
mailing list is specifically for auxlang *advocacy*; its existence does not mean
that auxlangs cannot be discussed and developed here.

Oh, certainly.  I may have misthunk when I said "general principles".  What I
meant was for the discussions that form maybe a half or two thirds of this list
(website updates, tech, theory, tan, terminology, usage, help, most of the
"general purpose" offs) should stay here, and the discussion of things specific
to individual artlangs or artlangs in general (and associated topics, such as
relays) could move to an artlang list.  As stated, I'd still read and post in
both, but the distinction is probably useful.

John Cowan>>>>>>
> Oh, while we're on the subject, how do I subscribe to conculture?

Send a blank email to [log in to unmask], or (better) visit, register, and search for conculture.

Thanks, John.  I'll sign up later today, but intend to remain cloaked for as
long as possible, while I soak it all up.

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