Nicole wrote:

> The best understanding I've gotten about it is
> from my boyfriend, because when I tell him things about grammar or
> whatever new ideas I've gotten he listens and tries to =
> then he just makes a face and says "Ohhhh you're so cute!"
> Exasperating, very.

Aaaaarrrgghhhhs! ;)=20

I wish I got at least a "you're so cute"=20
when I tell my girlfriend about it. (well, she thinks I am,
but not when it comes to conlanging... ;)=20
You'd think she'd be more understanding since she's taken=20
a term of linguistics at uni, but none of that seems to have=20
stuck. Like: "Semantic roles? What was that again?" At least=20
it looks like she's listening, but she doesn't seem to understand=20
and after a while you can see her thoughts drifting of...

Regarding my parents and little sister (19) they seem kinda
indifferent about it. Sometimes you get a: "I don't see how
you can manage to make your own language. That's amazing.
I don't understand one bit of grammar." Anyway. It's nice
that they don't think it's a waste of time.

/ Daniel Andreasson