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>1/2 lb (250 g) ground beef
>1/4 lb (125 g) ground veal
>1/4 lb (125 g) ground pork
>1 egg
>2 cups (500 ml) cornflakes
>Splash of milk
>Salt, pepper, tarragon, allspice, lemon peel, orange peel, basil, chives,
>        dried onion, dried garlic to taste (you can use minced fresh onion
>        instead if you don't mind a few tears)

Wow, that sounds gourmet :).

The way my mom makes it is by feel, not by measuring (so i couldn't really
give the recipe). But it's generally a pound of beef, an egg, some
saltines (crumbled), ketchup (and any spice you please), onion, and bell
peppers (green or red). That is mixed until it's loose, but can hold a
loaf shape. It's toped with strips of bacon and tomato sauce and then
baked until throughly cooked.  I love it, it's so juicy and moist. We
traditionally serve it with green beans and bacon, and baked potatoes.


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