Anybody like to exchange ideas as to how PIE (essentially 2 or 3 syllables with
stress?) could turn into a monosyllabic lang with tones?

What I have thusfar is that the e/o vowels in a PIE syllable becomes an
unrounded/rounded distinction, onset consonants loose all attributes except
"voiceless", "voiced" and "nasal" (voicedless becomes click, voiced stays as is,
nasal becomes vowel nasalisation), and coda consonant(s) become degrees of
open/closedness and tones.

Other things are the movement of velar consonants into the retroflex POA, the
movement of laryngeals into "back" retroflex and the movement of palatal sounds
to the alveopalatal POA.

I'm not sure how to derive my lateralised or nasalised consonants based on this,
though.  Potentially, palatalisation in PIE becomes lateralisation and
labialisation in PIE becomes the prenasalisation of stops and the simultaneous
bilabial of clicks.

Any thoughts, anyone?

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