Tal skrev:

> > > Yes! That's exactly my experience as well! Last term we were
> > > about 50 people in my class at uni. (first term of linguistics).
> > > None of them were really interested.
> 50?! Jeez, that's many!

At first we were 50. That was a 5 point intro course. Then about
15 people dropped off.
This 2nd term about ten of us continued and we have eight new=20
class mates from earlier courses who took a break.
OTOH, there was only one girl taking fonetics C (3rd term) and
she's dropped out in benefit of a Swedish 'magister' essay.

> I don't know how it is in Sweden but in Norway, linguistics is seen as
> nerdy and irrelevant. In Ling101 there was 10 students, myself =
> last year. In the obligatory class on Akan, only I did the exam!

How come you had an obligatory Akan course? I remember thinking
that was strange when you wrote about it last term.
In Sweden we have a course 'South American languages' but
not until C-levels.

> Ppl who don't know what to do tend to pester CS, anthropology and
> pedagogy hereabouts, that's how I see it anyway.

I think most of my class (in the 1st term) didn't choose linguistics
as their first choice. But since there are fewer and fewer=20
applicants every year for ling. they can accept every applicant.
So, if you don't get in to any other course, you always get in to
linguistics. :(
80% are girls. Straight out of 'gymnasium' (ching, ching! :)
But it's the 'good' silent girls who had the highest grades=20
in Swedish grammar etc. We call them 'the grammar girls'.=20
All of them but one has disappeared. Left is the funky bunch.
And the ones that actually like linguistics. The ones that
are going to be PhD:s in Linguistics. :)

/ Daniel