Rob Nierse wrote:

> Here is another contribution to the conlang t-shirt.
> Language: Sawila
> Author: Ed Heil
> hraya hrasa sun iya san
> able language you here be
> I add a .TIF file of the text in Chanarunes.
> The text is written from left to right.
> Note: Sawila is a isolating language without stops.
> Ed, can you check the text?
> I'm not sure of the place of 'hraya'. I used it analogous to a line in
_Sila Samu i_: 'hraya li un li yuhra fun'.
> I had to invent two new words: 'here' "iya" and 'you' "sun". I made "sun"
(< Old Chanan "tun") because I = kun and he = pun. THis weay we can even
create a 4th person ('one'? 'we (excl.)'?) = chun.


It's very kind of you to go to this trouble for Sawila!
I'm adding "sun" to the vocabulary file, and as best I can remember
you're using "hraya" correctly here.

I'm really amazed that you liked my little language enough to
translate something for the shirt... I hadn't even thought of doing

You are really too kind.