Jay Bowks wrote:
> Sally Caves <[log in to unmask]>
> >As soon as I invoked the "miniature" element, he could understand.
> >See, he thought, at first, that I and all the rest of you are trying
> >to build full-sized cities, all by ourselves.  <G>
> Neat, Sally,
> But if he could only peer into my head about
> the Bitruscan/Bira conlang and conculture...
> ay ay ay... not only cities but the whole
> society... someday I'm putting as much as
> I can on the web... just for the pleasure of
> downloading my brain :o)))

And if he could peer into mine as well!  This person is a friend,
and I like him a lot, but we're not on the same wavelength as far
as this goes.  He's a fellow academic, and I was describing the
essay I'm writing that I hope to put before an academic audience.

> It was raw and brusque of him to call it "arrogant".

Well... it was his knee-jerk reaction.  I could see the wheels turning
in his head, as he was trying to find the word that best described
what he thought I and the rest of us are doing.  He was laughing, too,
when he said it.

> This type of unfeeling attitude for others dreams
> is something that I don't understand. A fancy of
> the mind and wings to our dreams... this is the
> stuff that cements our building languages...
> que no?

Yes, and sometimes I think we should keep our dreams secret.
But I'm writing an essay on invented languages,
one that I hope will counter the condescending press given it
by the likes of Eco, Yaguello, and Schnapp.  The trick is to
keep Teonaht out of it!

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