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>In Esperanto, in case nobody else has sent it in: "Jen via lingvo".
>Speaking of T-shirts, if anybody wants a laugh, check this one out:
>(I'm going to get one for my collection...)

Don, here's what they have for it at ...

> Esperanto [Dr Zamenhof]
>Via lingvo staru ci tie
>let your language stay here

>Esperanto was the earliest language constructed to be an international
auxiliary language.
>With such a pedigree, how could this not be included. However, its validity
as an auxlang
>has increasingly be questioned. It uses an extended Latin script. The 'C'
>should have a circumflex above it. Translation provided by Christophe

I did get after Fabian for the inaccurate description ;-)))
Also they are looking for a gif that shows an accurate
rendition of the script... if you want to submit one it they'd
love it! Send it to Fabian [log in to unmask]
The original sentence should read something to the
effect of "Your language goes here" or "Place your
language here".

Oh, by the way, the Onklo Zam poster is a blast!

Jay B.